Teen Buzz Ringtone

Hey guys and gals! Welcome to Teen Buzz. Download the coolest ringtones on the internet right here at TeenBuzz.com. Mosquitone is a ringtone that the kids call Teen Buzz because adults can’t hear it. Super stealth ringtone. It is a high pitched tone that most adults cannot hear so it is a great ringtone to use if you ned to be sure others can’t hear it.

Teen Buzz Ringtone

Teen Buzz Ringtone

The Teen Buzz ringtone also known as the mosquito ringtone was originally developed to keep teen agers from loitering around businesses that didn’t want them there. It worked great because the adult patrons could not hear the annoying “buzz” that only the teenagers could hear.

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Some savvy teenagers saw this as a great opportunity for a ringtone they could use in school where they weren’t allowed to use their cell phones. Brilliant! Take something designed against you and turn it into something to your advantage.

The Teen Buzz or Mosquito ringtone comes in many formats so you can use it on most phones.

Later I will add instructions on how to download the ringtones to your phone. In the meantime click the download button on the top right to find your teen buzz ringtone.

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